Network Graphs

The Digital Platform provides network graphs generated with the open-source software Gephi for each of the index headings of the 1827 Index and the PNR, which are accessible from the Indexes page. More information about Gephi, as well as links to download the software can be found at Please see the User Guide for information on how to access and navigate the graphs.

You can also view all of the cross-references in the Zibaldone as a single network graph: 1) select the pre-rendered Gephi file (.gephi) if you have Gephi installed and would like to quickly see a network map of the references; 2) select this CSV edge file (.CSV) if you would like to manipulate or generate new network maps in Gephi or other network graphing software; 3) you may also view the graph with the online graph viewer (note that this may take some time to load).


Below is a sample of statistical charts combining the chronology of the fragments and their thematic interrelations.

Number of dated entries per month and year
Themes by month
PNR Index related themes


The content